1. About
Fight For Eden is a fantasy action-RPG VR game where the player follows the story of a young orc enrolled to fight against the half elves’ oppression.

2. Interactions
a. Pillars: each pillar will do an action when being hit by the players’ weapon:
– Save Pillar: will save your progress
– Quit: Will quit to Main Menu
– Menu Pillars:
– Load Game
– Tutorial
– Dialogue trigger
– Sub-quest trigger
– Exit: will exit game to desktop

Save Game Pillar

b. Weapon Rack(s): Hold weapons and shields ready to be picked up by the player.

Weapon Rack

c. Battle Portal: It will transport you instantly to the next quest(battle).

Battle Portal

d. Level Column: It will show the current player level.

Level Column

e. Map: It will show the region map marked with the players’ progress

3. Gameplay
Usually the battles are 3 vs 3. The player is accompanied by two allies, controlled by AI, fighting against three enemies.

Each weapon has a variable damage, when a weapon hits an enemy a dice is rolled between the minimum and the maximum of a weapon to decide the value of the damage inflicted.

The player damage is also calculated based of the swing strength, so if the player only point the weapon to the target it will do 10% damage from the above calculated damage. If the weapon has a damage from 5 to 10 and the dice rolls 7 and the player only points the weapon without effort it will do around 0.7 damage to the target. Also if the player forcefully swings the weapon it can deal even 150% , in our case the final damage will be 10.5.

The player weapons cannot block melee weapons only arrows. The player shield will always block an enemy weapon.

All the player weapons have attack speed. Once a weapon hits an enemy the weapon will become disabled for a period of time related with its attack speed.
While the weapon is disable it cannot do damage to opponents nor to block arrows.

The player base health and damage are increasing proportionally with the player level.

4. VR Skills
The player can execute specific action with the controllers and the headset in order to trigger special skills in the game.

Twist of faith
When the players is swinging his weapon in circle around himself in reverse clockwise, a twist of faith skill is triggered damaging and pushing, all the enemies around himself, backwards, away from the player.

Twist of Faith skill

Twist of death
When the players is swinging his weapon in circle around himself in clockwise, a twist of death skill is triggered damaging and dragging, all the enemies on a radius, around himself, very close to the player.

Twist of Death skill

Earth shaker
The player jumps vertical in the air, when he falls to the ground, if the hits with the weapon an enemy or the ground an Earth shaker skill is triggered spawning spikes from the ground heavily damaging all the opponents on a V area in front of the player.

Earth shaker skill