About the game

A long time ago, when wars are fought with swords and axes and magic is part of everyone’s lives, a young hero is rising from the ashes of his ancestor to get back what he think is rightfully his.

They slaughtered us and cast us away from our homelands, the green lands. The moment of revenge is now, gather your weapons and join our troops.


The orcs and goblins want to attack the Half Elves border, the last region from which they were cast away:

Algezoch passage marks the entrance into the Cursed Planes. The land is soaked in our ancestors’ blood that fought bravely while retreating from the Lower Rocks. Our winged scouts informed us they entered into a war against the elves and are in desperate need of soldiers into the west front. Now is a very good time to strike, while they are distracted.


Follow those warriors’ journey in their quest for wealth and glory!